Cursed Lady


Sometimes the ghost of an unfortunate girl appears on the river, who instead of giving birth to her child, took him with her in the shadow of death. Forced to wash his clothes for seven years, you can hear her voice sing a sad dirge, but it is better not to interrupt it if you do not want to incur her anger and bear the marks on the face.

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Sweatshirt with hood lined in jersey and zip, 80% OCS organic ring-spun cotton, 20% RCS recycled polyester. Body Fit.
Our model is 160 tall and wear an XS

Width: chest semicircumference
Height: total height of the shirt
XS 44 cm 62 cm
S 47 cm 64 cm
M 50 cm 66 cm
L 53 cm 68 cm
XL 56 cm 69 cm

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