You’ll be able to order what you’ve chosen directly from the shop. Once you’ll have concluded your shopping, click on the cart and you’ll be redirected to a summary page; on the summary page, you will still be able to edit your choices and see the total cost of your order.
Every unpaid order will be kept on the website for 48 hours, to give you the time to finalize your payment: after that, it will be erased from the system and the items you chose will return available for everyone to buy.


All payments will be handled by Paypal. Once you’ll have clicked on the CHECKOUT button, you will be redirected to the Paypal website where your payment will be finalized.
Paypal allows you transfer money safely and to keep a detailed history of your orders.
You can find detailed informations here.


We ship our products to every nation inside the European Union. The shipping cost is automatically calculated depending on the weight of the items you selected. You’ll be able to check the subtotal in your shopping cart before placing your order. Bulgaria, Cyprus and Switzerland are nations subjected to particular shipping conditions, so any shipping that exceeds 1kg will have to be managed via email, on demand.


If the item you received is not the one you wanted or it has arrived damaged, something went wrong and Heya will replace it with a new one or offer a complete refund. To make this happen you’ll have to contact us in 15 days at [email protected], making sure to tell us who you are and the number of your order (or the shipping ID); we’ll also need a brief description of the problem and a photo of the damaged item, so we can immediately understand what went wrong.Your money will be refunded only if you followed the correct procedure.


If your order arrived correctly but you are not satisfied with it, you can still get a refund ( within 15 days ) by letting us know at [email protected]; usually we will ask you to just pay the shipping cost for the item to come back here.

To be sure you’ll be eligible for the refund we advise you to pack the item in the exact same way you received it, even in the same package if that’s possible; do it with great care, as if the item had to be damaged when it returns here, we won’t be able to refund you. The returning address is: Alessandro Masala, via Grazia Deledda 39 09127 Cagliari (CA).


Every user that is 18 years old (or older) is welcomed to sign up on the website. Users from 13 to 17 years old are required to subscribe and shop under parent (or legal guardian) supervision. We are not able to verify the age of the users that access the website, as we can delete unintentionally collected informations about users that are less than 13 years only after those informations have been pointed out to us. For this matter feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Every personal information you’ll insert in our website will be stored in our database. No one but us is authorized to access it, but in case of a criminal investigation or legal action we might hand out that information to the police.


The reproduction and/or modification, total or partial, of any text, image and content present in the website is forbidden and actionable under the rules of the European Community.

Legal disputes

Any legal dispute will be entrusted to the competent court.