To place an order do I have to create an account?

Yes, an account is required. Your account will allow you to shop without having to write down your information every time you place an order, and will also allow you to check your shipping history, making easier for us to accommodate your requests as refunds, order cancellations and requests for invoices.

How do I register?

Click here. You will receive a confirmation email and will be able to enter your newly created account and complete the registration with your shipping details, that will only be used to send the items your way.
You will never receive advertising mail or any kind of spam from us.

Why are you also asking for my phone number?

The phone number is necessary to make sure that the delivery service can contact you just in case some problems with the shipping came up, such as no one available at the specified address in that moment. By calling you, the delivery service will be able to arrange a new appointment. Your phone number will never be used for anything else.

How do I place an order?

When you see an item that you’re interested in, you can directly select the desired quantity and the size, put the items in the basket and decide as to keep shopping or directly go to the checkout page. Make sure that your information such as full name and address are correct, being as precise as possible.

In case of missing or wrong information, the shipping might go wrong and your items could be sent back.

On the same page, there is a “notes” section in which you will be able to add any important details that will be directly passed from us to the delivery service. Once you reviewed all the pieces of information you can proceed with the checkout.

IMPORTANT: Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Switzerland are nations subjected to particular shipping conditions, so any shipping that exceeds 1kg will have to be managed via email, on demand.

I placed an order but haven’t received a confirmation email.

Contact us via the website form, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Why was my order canceled?

After you have finished your shopping and all the items you want are in the cart, you have 48 hours to checkout before your order is automatically canceled.
If that’s not the case, it might be due to technical issues and we probably already sent you an email explaining what happened or asking you some questions about your order.
For any doubts, you can always contact us using the form on the website or send an email to info@heyastore.com.

I haven’t received what I ordered, what do I do?

Check your order on the tracking number SDA provided you. In the unlikely event your order was missing contact us and we’ll solve the matter.

Can I edit or cancel an order I have already placed?

If the order has been placed and you changed your mind, you might still be in time to cancel it: log in and access your “orders” section. If your order has not yet been confirmed, you’ll be able to see the possibility to cancel it. Conversely, if the item has already been handed to the courier, this option won’t be available.

Payments & Shipping

Can I only pay via Paypal and Stripe?

Yes. For security reasons, we only use Paypal or Stripe systems to process payments.

I do not have a Paypal account, does it make any difference?

No, it’s not a problem. Paypal allows you to pay using a credit card, even if you are not registered to their service. As you confirm your order by clicking the “confirm and pay” button, the system will automatically redirect you to the Paypal website, where you’ll be able to select your favorite payment method.

Do you accept any other kind of payments other than Paypal and Credit Card?

Unfortunately not.

How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping fees are automatically calculated based on the weight of the package. You can see the total cost of the shipping fees in the basket before checking out. The fees are free for orders that exceed 60€, shipping to Italy, and 100€ for the rest of Europe.

How much time till I get what I ordered?

If you are in Italy, you can expect the package to arrive at your doorstep in 2-4 business days, depending on your location.For the other EU countries, sometimes the shipping might be a little bit longer. The details on the shipping will be sent to you via email as soon as the item leaves our offices.


That’s a reason to stalk us on the social networks!

Sometimes, on Facebook or Instagram, we might post a coupon for a limited amount of time.To use the coupon just copy and paste it on the “coupon” space that you’ll find when finalizing your order. The discount will automatically be calculated and subtracted from the total.

Coupons might differ from one another in the way they work, but all the rules are always explained on the coupon itself.

Size and Replacement

Each t-shirt has his own technical sheet, with the measurements in centimeters for both the width of the torso and the total length (from neck to bottom). However it is still possible to make a mistake in selecting the size, and it’s possible to ask for a replacement.

The replacement works exactly as a normal return does.
The item must be shipped back intact and in a sealed bag at: Alessandro Masala, Via Grazia Deledda 39, 09127 Cagliari (CA).
Once the return is completed you will be refunded (with the exclusion of the shipping fees).
To receive the item in the desired size, you can simply place a new order any time you want, as you did the first time, using the shopping cart.

Clothes maintenance

For best results, we still recommend washing the clothes at 30 ° and ironing the print inside out. We do not replace damaged items as a result of incorrect maintenance.


The items are handcrafted, so the prints will never be perfectly identical one another. Some little flaws are to be considered normal and part of the manual production process, and they do not affect the quality or the beauty of the design.
We will, however, never sell badly printed shirts or items that show, in any way, obvious and unpleasant flaws.