Between the ninth and fifteenth centuries Sardinia was divided into four “partes”, independent and democratic state entities, at the head of which were the judges, representatives of the people, and could be both men and women.

The Judicate of Gallura included the current provinces of Olbia, Tempio and Nuoro. Rugged lands, sparsely populated, but strategic for the outlets on the seas closest to the peninsula and Corsica. Its symbol was the rooster.

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Tshirt organic cotton 100%, short sleeve, tubular bust

Width: chest semicircumference
Height: total height of the shirt
XS 48 cm 66.5 cm
S 48 cm 69 cm
M 50 cm 71 cm
L 54 cm 73 cm
XL 58 cm 75 cm
2XL 62 cm 77 cm
3XL 66 cm 79 cm
4XL 70 cm 78 cm