Privacy policy

Your informations will be treated with maximum respect and will only be used for website related activities (shipping your order, contacting you, etc). By registering to the website you are implicitly accepting that your informations will be stored. If this policy had to be modified in any part, you’ll be notified via email.

What informations will be stored on the website?

Our servers will automatically store browsing related informations, such as your IP address, what browser you are using and at what time and date you are visiting us. We won’t store credit card numbers, as all payments are handled by Paypal.

Our policies include the use of cookies; to consult the disclosure, click here.

Personal data, user name, address, email and any other information you’ll freely share.

How do we use the informations we gathered?

To satisfy your requests about products or services;
To elaborate payments and shippings;
To let you manage your account;
To make the browsing of the website easier.

Your data are never shared with other people, unless those that are required to make the site work (example: your address to the express courier company).

Data storage

At any given time you can request for the modification or deletion of all your data in our database, writing an email ( or using the contact form on the website.
We do not store data related to transactions (ex: credit card numbers) as all the payments are processed by Paypal.
To see Paypal’s security disclosure you can click here.


We only use technical cookies that are required for the correct operation of the website. This type of cookies do not require an explicit consent from the users, while cookies used by third party websites, as Facebook or Twitter, need an explicit consent to be used. In our case, the consent is granted implicitly by browsing the website.
The cookies are simple text files that are installed on your computer as you browse the web and are used from the websites to remember your choices and preferences, and in general better your navigation experience; for example, they allow you to grant a permission without having to see a popup that always asks you the same thing every time you refresh a page or load another one.
Even when you share something on social networks, cookies will keep track of your interests, but how they’re used it’s not under our control.
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At any given time you can disable the use of cookies directly from your browser:

or delete the cookies that are already stored in your computer by editing the settings of your browser.